CLEP Tests

The College Level Examination Program is an easier way to earn college credit. This program is administered by the College Board. 33 exams are available, and they are typically multiple-choice, taken on a computer at a local testing center. You find out your scaled score immediately upon finishing the exam, and most colleges list which CLEP tests they accept and how much credit they give for them. Read more here about how CLEP works.

Most CLEP tests are available year round, and the credit is good for 20 years. So it is advantageous to have high schoolers take a CLEP test after finishing their final exam for that class. My daughter easily passed her U.S. History CLEP without additional studying. My kids have also bought study guides for $20 on Amazon, studied for two weeks, and easily passed additional CLEP tests, earning credit for many of their core classes at the University of Kentucky. My son finished his accounting degree in only five school semesters after he discovered CLEP exams.

To register for CLEP tests, you first sign up on the College Board website for the specific test you want to take ($85 per test). Then you sign up for a testing center (usually around $35), including the test date and time. Find testing centers here. Bluegrass Community and Technical College and Eastern Kentucky University both offer CLEP testing. Then show up to the testing center with all the paperwork–they give you a list–and your ID. They do not allow you to take things into the testing center. After the exam, you will receive a scaled score between 20 and 80. Typically, a 50 is all that is needed to receive college credit. Check your specific college for details.

University of Kentucky’s CLEP Credit

Eastern Kentucky’s CLEP Credit & Testing Center Information

Asbury University’s CLEP Credit (Scroll down past the AP information.)

Bluegrass Community and Technical College’s CLEP Credit 

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