Elective Classes

Lots of Options in One Place

Bluegrass United Electives meets on Thursday afternoons and offers a wide variety of elective classes for homeschoolers. For the  Fall 2018 semester, they are offering classes in ACT prep, photography, chess, handchime choir, martial arts, speech, PE, Culinary Nutrition, Logical Thinking, Biology Lab, Sociology, Blogging, Servant Leadership, Drama, and Team Building Challenges. Click here to see how to register. Many more classes are coming in the Spring. Grades are not given in these classes.


Clear Creek Designs is an art studio ran by Tim Vetters. He has three years of art lessons which he rotates through, so the lessons and projects will differ from year to year. Classes are taught in 6-week sessions. I was amazed how my son learned to use the Golden Ratio in his art from Mr. Vetters. 


Bluegrass United Performing Arts Company has two plays per year. This program is part of the Bluegrass United Electives, so interested students can register there. These are talented students, and I enjoy seeing their performances.

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