Colleges want to see well-rounded students. Fortunately, there are many options for homeschoolers in Central Kentucky. I am listing the ones I am familiar with, but there are many more in Central Kentucky. Please leave comments about programs you have enjoyed.

Bluegrass United has basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross-country, and track.

Team Pi, coached by David Wu, is a homeschool ultimate frisbee team which competed in the national high school tournament and placed the 4th in the nation! Go Pi!!! They routinely win the Kentucky State title. For those not familiar with ultimate frisbee, it is similar to soccer and involves lots of running as well as strategy. This is not frisbee golf. If you are interested, look up “Team Pi Lexington Ultimate Frisbee” on Facebook.

Swimming – The Beaumont YMCA has a year-round program. Many neighborhoods have a summer program, and the city pools have a summer program.

Ice Skating – The Lexington Ice Center offers group and individual classes for students of all ages. The Thoroughbred Figure Ice Skating Club offers a competition and performances.


Many homeschoolers play for the Central Kentucky Youth Orchestra

Lexington is also blessed to have a flute orchestra. Have you ever seen a base flute? It’s made from PVC pipe, and performers often have to stand on something to play it. Kristy Kirsh leads this talented group, the Firebird Chamber Ensemble. Not good at flute yet, don’t worry. She also teaches lessons. 

Government – TeenPact

TeenPact teaches state government classes onsite in Frankfort. I attended the first TeenPact in Kentucky 22 years ago, and I know and trust its founder. They have a one day class for ages 8 to 12 and a four day class for ages 13 to 19. This class inspires students to be informed and active. There is a national class for those who want more. Students must dress the part to look sharp. 


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