KY Graduation Requirements

Kentucky’s graduation requirements are the minimum of what colleges want. 

22 credits are the minimum required to graduate, and 24 are needed for the college prep track.

  • Language Arts – 4 credits
  • Mathematics – 3 credits, including Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II (Please note that a mathematics course must be taken each year of high school. Read more on the link above.)
  • Social Studies – 3 credits
  • Science – 3 credits, including at least one lab course
  • Health – 1/2 credit (Asbury University has a one hour Theory of Wellness class that satisfies this. Seniors can take it for free.)
  • Physical Education – 1/2 credit
  • History/Appreciation of the Arts – 1 credit (Music, Art, Dance, etc. with history included.)
  • Technology – The student must demonstrate competence. (So your student needs to be able to work a word processor and a spreadsheet on a computer. He/she should know how to check email and generally know how to use the web.)
  • Academic & Career Interest Electives – 7 hours (Colleges like to see academic electives, like a fourth year of science and math.)
  • Foreign Language – 2 credits of the same language for college prep study.

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