What Colleges Want

Of course colleges will vary, but typically admissions offices ask for the following:
  • Application for Undergraduate Admission (online)
  • Official ACT or SAT test scores (sent directly from ACT or College Board)
  • Official high school transcript (at least 6 semesters, use 4.0 scale). You will have to send a final transcript to them after you graduate. For the University of Kentucky, a parent’s signature will validate a transcript for a homeschooler.
  • Academic letter of recommendation from a teacher(s)
  • Essays (If optional essay, do it!)
  • Current high school classes (Rigorous or not? Tells student’s motivation.)
  • Work Experience, Community Service, Awards & Recognition, Extracurricular Activities
  • Non-refundable processing fee (usually $50)
  • Social Security Number if you want KEES money, financial aid, or scholarship money
  • A List of Your Curriculum (Some colleges want to see this–not the University of Kentucky.)
Colleges want to see motivated students who have a passion for learning. Show them that you will go above and beyond to tackle hard problems and succeed. Show them your strong work ethic!

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